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COVID 19 Pre-Cautions:

Face to Face Classes are running!

In Level 1 there is no restriction on numbers but our cleaning regime will continue to take place after every session. In Level 2, we are physical distancing at 2m and there is 15pax per class restriction with other guidelines in place. Level 3+ We are closed. 

Our Online Fitness Membership will also continue to assist your health and fitness journey from the comfort of your home! 

Stay healthy, stay active & get the results you deserve x

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Unlimited Fitness Classes


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Owner / Trainer

I have been in the industry for 13 years.


I have completed:

NZQA Level 3+4 Fitness

Certificate in Sports Massage

Degree in Sports & Recreation

Certificate in Pre & Post Natal Exercise. 

Certificate in Sports Nutrition.


I love how a workout makes you feel! Exercise was my savor when I was 16 and suffering from depression and grief - it got me out of that dark space and made me realise how special the body really is and how we need to look after it as a whole - food, exercise and to have a clear and happy mind! Being a busy mum of 4 I understand how overwhelming life can get, so here we have created a welcoming, educated and successful program and environment to be the best you can be xx 

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I have been in the industry for 18 months


I have completed:

NZQA level 4 Certificate in Exercise Instruction

NZQA level 4 Certificate in Group Fitness


Fitness for me is my happy place, I love how good I feel after a workout and the health benefits that come with it. I enjoy sharing this with others and helping other woman feel good about themselves and empowering them to be the best they can be. I have 3 children of my own so I know the juggle of fitting in exercise around family life but believe it should take priority as the benefits speak for themselves. 


Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

Are you a busy woman, working mum or stay at home mama juggling kids and household duties?

Are you wanting, needing time out for YOU?

Do you want to feel Stronger, Fitter, Happier, Confident? Maybe need to lose weight?

Then you have genuinely found the right place! 

With either of my fitness classes, bootcamp, meal plan, personalized program, and now online fitness membership - you will reach your health and fitness goals, be supported, guided and feel fantastic! 


 We are able to provide women information alongside safe, enjoyable exercise regimes to help experience a more energetic & less achy pregnancy, be fit & strong in preparation for child birth then safely return to a fit, strong, confident & beautiful new mum.


 I know our time is precious as a busy mum or working women so I want to help make your health & fitness journey fun whilst achieving results! Yes, it can be challenging and not something that will happen overnight, but with a supportive crew around you - it CAN happen! I want you to feel good about yourself so you can be the best mother/wife you can be - you deserve it!


Courtney xx


Results Guaranteed

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No matter your age, ability, size or fitness level - come and give it a go! Any class is suited for you to go at your own pace & do what you can! All we ask is that you try your best. If you need to stop & rest, need air, a drink or to tend to your bub that is absolutely fine! We are here to make things to work for you!


Deep down you will have an important goal or a few you want to achieve. Let us help you in the journey to achieving that goal! It may be weight loss or gain; it may be a physical goal - compete in an event or maybe mental/emotional; less stress, increase in happiness  - we will tailor your program so you achieve this important goal! And we will support you to success!

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Courtney is an absolute super mum! such an inspiration to all, always happy and bubbly! These classes are great as you can go at your own pace and being able to take the kids takes a huge pressure off and means you have no excuses :)

Kirsty Amrein


Blue Rovers club Fraser Street

027 6211 888

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