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Tips on how to avoid weight gain over the festive season.

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

This time of year is always fun with friends & family getting together for bbq’s & parties - but with that comes sugary sweets, baked food and lots of over indulging! So I have put together a few handy tips to help you maintain your weight over the next few weeks (or more!).

Be Active!

Make every day an adventure, enjoy the sunshine (safely) and have fun with it! I don’t mean, “make sure you get to the gym every day” - I am talking about spending time with loved ones in an active way instead of sitting around reading, sunbathing, playing board games or drinking .... Get out & kick a ball around at the park, learn how to surf or water ski, set up a volleyball net or backyard cricket! Invite friends and family even neighbors over and be active!

Snack Smartly!

During this time of year it is all to easy to snack all day long on those favorite chocolate bars, Christmas cookies, cheese & crackers or chips & dip! This does NOTHING for the waist line! ALWAYS make sure you have fresh fruit handy on the dining table, vege sticks cut up ready to go, bowls of nuts & seed mixes lying around instead of chocolates & lollies! If you are going to a party, take your own snacks - they will appreciate the thought & you have an healthy alternative = win, win! (purchase my Summer Recipe Guide for ideas)

Get Plenty of Sleep!

This is your time to make the most of those afternoon nana naps (but really I am talking about early nights!). It is scientifically proven that sleep restriction increases your hunger hormones which results into a higher calorie intake! Get to bed.

Limit Liquid Calories!

This time of year seems to be an unleash of alcohol consumption! Which means a whole lot more unwanted calories & sugar consumption. Watch your mixes - opt for soda water’s and flavor with lemon, lime’s or fruit instead of fizzy drinks & juices! Also opt for lighter color of alcohol than darker - it is more pure and a little less lethal (if possible!?) - again, grab my Summer Recipe Guide for summer cocktail recipes!

Protein & Fiber is key!

This time of year is the perfect time to start cutting down on your unnecessary carbohydrate intake! Fresh salads (vege & fruit) for your lunches and dinner sides, BBQ’d clean cuts of meat for your protein intake, bacon & eggs for breaky (without all the oil and baked beans & hash browns) So much choice of fresh produce - enjoy it!

Weigh Yourself!

I’m not a firm believer of always weighing yourself, especially being a women - our hormones & cycles put everything up the whack regularly. BUT this will keep you accountable and conscious of what goes in vs what energy is burnt out!

Just Don’t Get Lazy!

Yes it is the holidays & by crikey we deserve it! But this doesn't mean to stop meal planning, groceries, organizing or stop exercising! You know that if this isn’t done, you will go for the all the easy, crap options and you will put on weight & feel gross! Don’t do it to yourself - be prepared and have good foods ready to go & follow tip 1 - be active! Your health & well-being is a lifestyle not a 10 month of the year thing, take 1 month off and struggle with motivation for another! You only have one body, look after it and feel the best you can!

Remember to ENJOY SUMMER xx

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